1. Fair Trading of Arecanut Leaf Plates
Apart from providing 100% buy back guarantee to producer members, TPMC also procures arecanut leaf plates from non-members in a fair and transparent process. The rates are equivalent to that of the members.

2. Deals in Arecanut Leaf Plate Machinery
Since machinery for producing arecanut leaf plates is not available locally in North East, TPMC provides support to the local communities to procure reliable machines. Along with the machines we also deal in the dies/moulds and relevant tools. See details of the machines and dies.
3. Machinery Financing
Finance is a major bottleneck in rural North East. Many entrepreneurs have access to the raw material but are unable to secure the finance for establishing the manufacturing unit. Thus TPMC, though in a small way, also provides financing for machines to deserving candidates at affordable interest rates.
4. Repair & Maintenance of Machinery
In many of the rural areas the entrepreneurs do not have the facility of repairing their machines. Even if they have access to certain workshops, skilled manpower is not available to repair these machines. Though it is a very simple technology yet our technical people know the minute intricacies of the machine which lead to greater productivity. Our technical people provide services like machine installation, repairing dies and machines, changing parts like springs and washers etc.

5. Working Capital Finance to Producer Members
Working capital is important for the growth of any business. The producers require extra working capital during the raw material season to procure the sheaths in bulk and store it. TPMC has been providing working capital to the members in the last two years. The producers also do not have to pay back in cash as the principal and interest are deducted from their payments (product supply) in small instalments.
6. Project Feasibility Study
It is important do a feasibility study of your location before establishing the manufacturing unit. Though the raw material is available in many parts of this region yet it is important to analyse some of the factors before one invest their money. TPMC helps the prospective producers in this process.

7. Technical Training
Understanding the production process well is important for not only the entrepreneurs but also the people who are working in the unit. In this competitive world it is important to have an edge over the others always. TPMC’s technical training covers all issues like raw material collection, raw material storage, production process, machinery maintenance etc.

8. Quality Control
We have been always very conscious about the quality of our product. Even if we incur losses we have not compromised on the quality of our product. Thus our customers have always placed repeat orders with us. We not only train the producer on all aspects of quality control but also help them on a regular basis to continuously improve their qualities.


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