Machinery is a very important component of any manufacturing activity. The communities residing in the rural areas of North East do not have access to proper machinery for which they loose out on various occasions. Due to this reason we have always stressed on smooth technical linkage for all producers in case of machines, dies and other equipments. The machine has been developed by “Sandhya Engineering Concern” (SEC) of Howrah (Kolkata) in collaboration with Dhriiti. It is manufactured in SEC’s workshop in Howrah. We have focused on the following objectives while developing the machines:
  • Efficient & Easy operations
  • Good Cutting
  • Low Cost
  • Standardised shapes

The name of the machine is Double Pillar Screw type Press. It is a heat press machine and the basic function is to mould the sheaths into various shapes and sizes and cut it. The description of the machine is as follows:
  1. The machine needs to be installed on a concrete foundation before using.
  2. The machine is operated manually and heating is done either by electricity or LPG. Even in interior locations where electricity is not available, the machine can be operated using LPG cylinders.
  3. The machine consists of a big screw which is supported on two pillars. The pillars are attached to a base plate. A handle is fitted to the top of the screw and the male die is fitted to the bottom of the screw. The female die is fitted on a table which is fixed on the base plate. 
  4. Along with the machine you get 3 to 4 sets of dies which are used to give various shapes to the sheaths. The dies are interchangeable and each can be fitted on any machine. The die has two parts, the upper portion is called the male die and lower portion is called the female die. The cutter which cuts the sheath into the desired shape is attached along with the male die. 
  5. Most of the parts in the machine are made of cast iron and mild steel apart from the die and the cutter. The male die is made of aluminum, the   female die from iron and the cutter from high carbon metal.
  6. All parts of the machine can be dismantled and repaired/replaced separately.

Sl. No.      Description
1.        Arecanut Leaf Plate Manufacturing Machine along with Gas burner/Heater
2.        250mm diameter die (rice plate) along with cutter
3.        175mm diameter die (7” quarter plate) along with cutter
4.        150mm diameter die (6” quarter plate) along with cutter
5.        125mm diameter die (5” bowl) along with cutter
6.        100mm diameter die (4” bowl) along with cutter
7.        Toolkit for machines & dies


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