Tamul Plates Marketing Private Limited (TPMC) is a company jointly promoted by the arecanut leaf plate producers of North East India and the employees of Dhriiti. TPMC is an institution which was promoted as part of the Arecanut leaf plate initiative of Dhriiti to provide marketing support to the producers. These producers belong to various rural communities of this region and have taken the courage to take part in this innovative project. TPMC provides 100% buy back guarantee to the producers of arecanut leaf plates. TPMC purchases the products of the producers on a weekly basis and pays the producers immediately on fair trade price which is jointly decided in consultation with them. TPMC then checks the quality of the product, packages it and supplies it to various parts of India. TPMC absorbs the market shocks and lets the producer concentrate on the production aspects. The profits earned by TPMC are also distributed amongst the producers as they are also the shareholders of the company.

Marketing the arecanut leaf plates across India in an efficient manner is just one of the functions of TPMC. We have been working very closely with our producer members to improve the quality of their production and at the same time increase their production efficiency. Over a period of time apart from marketing TPMC has also started providing finance (working capital, machinery) and technical support (machine installation, repairing and maintenance) to the producers. TPMC is a producer’s initiative which has the potential to provide large scale employment to the rural populace of North Eastern states by producing and marketing eco-friendly, high quality, disposable plates from a material which was regarded a waste till a few years back.

Our Vision
TPMC’s vision is to make arecanut leaf plate manufacturing a 100 crore rural industry for North East India and thereby providing employment to thousands of rural youth.

Our Mission
TPMC’s mission is to generate maximum value for both the rural producer and urban customer through production and marketing of high quality products in an ecologically sustainable manner.



..a Dhriiti Enterprise