1. What is the meaning of Tambul?
Tambul is the Assamese word for arecanut / betelnut or supari. Since these plates and bowls are being made by the people of Assam and arecanut being an intrinsic part of Assamese culture we have named our product “Tambul Leaf Plates”.
2. Is there any harm to the trees when these plates are produced from the arecanut sheaths?
Tambul Leaf plates are completely eco-friendly and they do not harm the plants in any way. The sheaths fall from the arecanut tree naturally. During the flowering process the sheaths widen and fall from the tree along with the leaves. They cannot be plucked from the tree as those sheaths cannot be used for production. Once it falls from the tree then they are collected and used for production. Thus there is no danger for the trees in the production process.  

3. Can we use the Tambul Leaf Plates more than once? 
The Tambul Leaf Plates are so sturdy that many people think they are permanent plates & bowls. Since the Tambul Leaf Plates are completely natural and no chemicals, preservatives or external coating is added to the plates, we do not advise our customers to reuse them. They are bio-degradable disposable plates. Though we have seen that some of our customers, especially when they are using it in their home, wash it and enjoy the plates again. 

4. Are Tambul Leaf Plates completely non-toxic?
Our production process is completely chemical free. Only water and heat is used to process the arecanut sheaths into plates. Thus Tambul Leaf Plates are completely non-toxic.

5. Are these plates hygienic? Are they clean enough?
Leaf plates have been used by mankind since ages for having food. Being natural doesn’t mean they are not hygienic. Our production process ensures that the sheaths are very intensively cleaned. During the production process the sheaths are heated around 100 degree centigrade, so there are no chances for germs also. The quality control takes place at 3 stages: during raw material collection, production and then packaging. You can serve meals on our products straight out of the package! You can be very sure about the quality and the cleanliness of the products. Infact many people having knowledge of Ayurveda claim that having food on these plates are good for the health. 

6. Is it safe to use Tambul Leaf Plates in the microwave or fridge?
You can warm your food in the microwave and directly serve them. The material is so durable and since they are already heat treated, it is perfectly safe to heat the plates in the microwave for up to 2 minutes. You can also store Tambul Leaf Plates in the refrigerator. 

7. Are Tambul Leaf Plates available in different shapes (square, rectangle, hexagon etc.)? Do we also produce glasses, disposable cutlery etc.
No, presently we are only producing round shapes. Our products are cut in the machine itself and does not require scissor cutting after production. This is done to ensure the quality of the product. This requires very heavy cutters which are difficult to make in non-circular shapes, keeping the cost low which are affordable for the rural producers. But our R&D team is working hard to work out solutions for these technical issues and they are also working on products like glasses and cutlery. So we will be soon coming out with a new range of shapes and products.

8. Can we laminate the product? Can we add different colours to the products?
Laminating the product or colouring the product is possible but we don’t want to do it. We want to keep our products completely natural and chemical free. The sheaths will have their natural colours which is very attractive. 

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