Nidhi Arora

I went to school in Delhi in Tagore International School and graduated in commerce from Lady Shri Ram College (LSR). Further, I went on to do my Business Management with specialization in Finance & HR from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar.


I worked briefly in the corporate sector with GE India as part of the prestigious Financial Management Programme and then in the social sector with Dastkar, a society for crafts and craftspeople. And with this, ended my exposure to the world of working for others.
I have always been fascinated with the idea of creating something new, something original. With Dhriiti, I have moved closer to my fascination. For me Dhriiti is not just an organization that we have created for work. Rather it is a laboratory that we have created for experimentation, for bringing more creations to reality.

Dhriiti Started its Micro-enterprise Development and Management(MEDM) in Assam with the areca nut project. With the success of the Arecanut Project there was a requirement of marketing Arecanut Leaf plates  and thus the first Dhriiti enterprise Tamul Plates Marketing Pvt. Ltd. was formed.


Employee Speaks

Benudhar Pathak

I am Benudhar Pathak from Barpeta of Assam. I passed Higher Secondary Exam in the year 2002 and did three month Mechanical Course at Guwahati. Then I joined TPMC in 2008 and worked for one year at Barpeta road godown. In the year 2009 I sifted to Guwahati godown and started procurement.  I am mainly responsible for the marketing of the product.

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