Marketing is TPMC’s forte and has been doing it successfully for the past 3 years. The marketing operations include procurement of products, quality control, packaging and then supply of goods to various markets. The producers supply their products to TPMC godowns on a weekly basis. On delivering the products they get 50% of the payment immediately. Thereafter the quality of the products is checked in the godown, where each piece is inspected and graded. After the quality checking is done the balance payment is made to the producers in the next week when they supply the next lot of products. Then the products are packaged, stocked and supplied to various markets throughout India. TPMC not only provides 100% marketing support to the producers but during the last 3 years the operations of the TPMC has evolved a lot. All aspects like delivery schedule, quality parameters, inventory management, transportation, procurement rates, payments, data management are being all done under a professional and transparent system. TPMC is now working towards expanding the operations towards international standards not only in terms of the quality of the products but also the processes it follows.
As it is clear from the diagram above, marketing is only one of the aspects of TPMC’s operations. We have an unique delivery mechanism and provide support to the entrepreneur in the complete value chain (machinery to product quality upgradation) and supply chain (raw material banks to end product marketing) for this industry. Along with marketing we support our producers with technical, financial and capacity building services. The operations ensure that the producers receive adequate amount of hand holding to establish the right systems and make their enterprises more profitable while satisfying our customers. 

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